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Position updates for October 1, 2010

Position updates for the small portfolio are: cover short position in EFA, buy 87 shares cover short position in RJI, buy605 shares cover short position in SPY, buy 42 shares cover long position in UUP, short 211 shares Position updates … Continue reading

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Correction for maximum allocations and shares for the small portfolio (SPY and EFA)

Each ETF/ETN in the small portfolio should have an allocation of 1/6 of the total portfolio value. Thus the maximum allocation column here should read $5000 for each. Thus, the number of shares shorted for EFA should be 100 instead … Continue reading

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New small portfolio and new online simulator

I set up an account on Collective2 to simulate my trading systems. I also created a small portfolio version of my system to be accessible to the average investor. The portfolio name is Cybernetic System 1 – Small Portfolio. Here … Continue reading

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