Portfolio Update

The end of each month is the time to run the system to see if there are any changes in positions. Here are the directions for each asset:

asset class direction
IEF bonds long
SHY bonds long
TLT bonds long
DBA commodities long
DBC commodities short
GLD commodities long
UUP currencies long
SCZ international_equities long
VWO international_equities long
VNQ real_estate long
IJR us_equities long
SPY us_equities long

The changes are only to shorts: SPY, VWO, SCZ, IRJ, DBA, which are now longs. The number of shares is the same as before.

Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to post portfolio snapshots from investopedia.com. Their system failed me this morning when I attempted to cover and go long. The quotes were not updated for some ETFs, so I was unable to execute trades. I have decided to abandon investopedia.com. I can only report that my end of July balance was $980,243.14, so I was down 1.98% for the month.

It would probably be easiest to keep track of my portfolio via a spread sheet and post monthly updates to this blog. However, I want to avoid any appearance of hindsight and I believe that it is important to use an objective trading simulator to honestly report my results. Sometime this week, I will choose a new simulator.

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